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Which specific storage space is low, when getting “Low Space” on Samsung Galaxy S?

I'm getting the alert "Phone storage space is getting low". Here is my Samsung Galaxy S running Cyanogenmod 9's space status:

Name: Cache
Path: /cache
SIZE: 17.50MB
USED: 2.47MB
FREE: 15.02MB

Name: Data
Path: /data
SIZE: 1889.83MB
USED: 576.64MB
FREE: 1313.19MB

Name: SD-card
Path: /sdcard
SIZE: 5654.56MB
USED: 2011.00MB
FREE: 3643.56MB

Name: System
Path: /system
SIZE: 250.00MB
USED: 240.23MB
FREE: 9.76MB

You'd think it's /system, but /system has been like that forever. In fact, after installing cyanogen it only had 1mb free. I actually deleted some system apps (wallpaper crap mostly) to free up a little more.

I am not asking how to get rid of the alert. I want to know which specific storage space does the alert refer to?


Want to go straight to the fix? Install the Datafix app (CM9 only).