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I encountered this often before even if internal-sd free space was +2 gigs. I tried this. On the terminal, type these lines: su ps set install location 1 pm get-install-location Note: Use no space between each line (I can't edit/format the correct spacing between the 3 line entries, sorry). Now, after two months and dozens of additional apps ...


Unfortunately, this can be the bane of many, many devices. Android needs a bit of storage left over, and won't let google play fill it up - god knows why, since other stuff can - and thats it. You are not out of options, luckily. If you rooted the dang thing, you could buy a v.large SD and modify the vold file to think it was internal storage.


On the ZTE axon mini.. Goto your lock screen then swipe from bottom to top while phone is located, that brings up the gallery for the lock screen... Pick a wallpaper and that it.... For Android lollipop...

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