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pic2shop app works well on my galaxy tab2 (no autofocus).


I'm using ES Task Manager on Samsung gt-i9300, custom rom Lollipop 5.1.1 and from User Apps, I just select an app and from the menu at top right corner (3 vertically aligned dots)I select Add To Desktop and the short-cut is created on the phone desktop at first free space.


I have noticed (while searching like mad to put my phone in a universal waterproof case for my handlebar, where the proximity sensor is hidden), that when the Bluetooth is on the screen stays on during a call. Also, as Brian says here, when I'm on a ride with the "Strava" app running and I receive a call, the screen goes black, but if I press the "back" ...


The system partition contains your operating system, that is, Android. If you formatted /system without flashing a new ROM, your phone cannot load any operating system because there isn't any. You need to flash a compatible ROM for your device to make your phone usable again.

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