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Yes, definitely, you can take a look at this post. http://www.idroidspace.com/how-to-update-android-apps-from-pc/ It shows the guide to Update Android Apps From PC!


Download the Launcher .apk file (just Google your "demand launcher name" and plus "apk"), save it to your friend's phone, and send it to your phone via Bluetooth. After you recieve the .apk file just click whatever option that directs you to INSTALL the file. If Bluetooth is off, ask your friend to call your phone; when the dialer window pops up you can ...


I lived with this problem for a few months but eventually I hit my breaking point. Searched Google & tried other suggestions for fixes I realized I just wasted way too much time... So I came up with a plan of my own: ripped the phone apart unplugged the sensor from the board turned the phone on to test & it worked! I have an S4 and on my ...

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