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No, it is not possible to use your data antenna as a WiFi card. These are tuned to different frequencies, and the required processing for each is also different.


Query the system service battery (possibly requires root access) dumpsys battery Output would be like Current Battery Service state: AC powered: false USB powered: true Wireless powered: false status: 2 health: 2 present: true level: 70 scale: 100 voltage:3950 temperature: 260 technology: Li-ion level: 70 is the battery ...


Original Video that I Modified: Tasker tutorial: Monitor mobile data usage inside Android I have only used the task that counts data from this video, If you want a notification that counts used data for a month, the above video is a good solution. Notes: Due to unknown reasons, I am unable to turn on USB Tethering, If you Know the answer to this ...

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