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My phone does this, too. I wish I knew why. I seem to have had some success with the sendevent command (adb shell sendevent). (Not much documentation on sendevent, unfortunately.) First, I had to locate the Power Key device via getevent -i. In my case, I found /dev/input/event4 had a name like pmic8xxx_pwrkey, and used this for my sendevent call. # ...


Yes, You can clear the location history. For that open settings > Location > Location Services > Google Location History. Here you will see the Delete location history option at the bottom of screen. Just hit that option. That's it !!


Saved pages are stored in Opera Mini's private file directory, which is /data/data/com.opera.mini.android/files/. They are saved in Opera Binary Markup Language (OBML), and you will need root privileges in order to access them. As far as I understand, the links are simply embedded in the .obml file rather than being stored separately anywhere.

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