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So it's a dual SIM phone. Only one SIM can be set to use in 3G mode and the other in 2G. It is your wish which one uses 3G. Common method is to open Settings / More networks / Mobile networks / Network mode (for Sim1 or 2) / WCDMA only.


came across this, check if it helps. ...... i'm in indonesia, i use nexus 7 lte 2013, first i do is unlocked n root it. then i install ussd dialer from play store... voila.. its worked.. last thing i do is install xposed framework n xposed sms module.. no problemo with pre-paid card... heheheheh


Apps are incapable of switching moblie networks on/off as this uses up minutes. To bypass this you require a root. However I believe apps can detect if wifi is in range. So when you get near wifi you can have an app notify you. Although I don't think there is a specific app that will check if wifi is in range. I recommended requesting an app like this ...

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