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Use services such as RootMetrics and Sensorly to research mobile data speeds including the network technology type that the measurement was taken on. (Find them online at http://www.rootmetrics.com and http://www.sensorly.com.)


Simple answer: No. 3G (also called UMTS) is a different techology than 4G (also called LTE). Both technologies don't share any common base technology (starting with the frequencies and going over to the encoding technologies). So your carrier has two different nets, one with 3G and another with 4G. If you are lucky being near a 4G base station you have an ...


With Xposed module and Gravity Box installed, the pull down status bar can be customised even on stock ROM (of course it has to be rooted). I have a Nexus 5 running stock 4.4.4 and following is how it looks: With these installed, one can swipe down with two fingers from top and just tap the last tile shown as "3G" in the image. Though this nearly misses ...


You can create a shortcut with any autotouch automation application that does this and place shortcut on your home screen

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