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I programmed Llama to do exactly that. You'll need two events: 3G auto on 3G auto off and one Llama variable: auto3G Event 1 (3G auto on) when airplane mode is disabled [prevents the system to work if airplane mode is enabled] when mobile data is not connected [this ensures there will always be a break of 60 minutes after each (manual) data or ...


Looks like the issue isn't related to Android itself, but to apps installed: I had ESET Smart Security (antivirus) installed with a firewall - and the firewall blocked (or ignored) my set proxy. Disabling the firewall solved the issue. I'm posting it to help other people facing the same issue.


Just disable captive portal detection. In the terminal, or in adb shell, issue the command settings put global captive_portal_detection_enabled 0 and reboot.

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