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Turns out there was much more to unmount beyond /mnt/sdcard. Through ADB (and rooted) I unmounted /mnt/sdcard/.android_secure, then /mnt/sdcard, then everything under /mnt. Then I was able to partition my SD card. I hope someone can make good use of this thread one day!


use: Notification.Builder(context).setFullScreenIntent(pendingIntent, true), manual to make the notification to show full screen


Give this a try: I use APK mirror all the time and have never had any issues. You said 42 and below right? This is version 42 -Asloss


If you use a third party launcher you can use gestures for certain functions. For instance, using Nova Launcher Prime, when I swiped down anywhere on my home screen it would bring down my notifications. So that could solve that issue for you. There should be other free alternatives that perform the same function👍🏼 To answer your last question, a screen ...

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