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Bootloops are always fun... Fortunately they are also (in most circumstances) fairly easy to fix, however this process will reset ALL of the data on your device. Start your device in Fast-boot. This varies per device, but it is almost always holding the power button and either volume up buttons or volume down buttons for 4 seconds, then releasing, just as ...


Factory Reset. Back up your data and perform a factory reset, and if that doesn't work, then you will need to root your phone to get rid of them. :|


"Phone storage" is essentially your /data partition, the main space on your phone allocated to apps. "Internal storage" sometimes means the same but, since they are being contrasted here, it likely refers to the internal "SD card" partition. Likely both of them are on the same flash chip, just set up differently. SD cards (and "cards") are sometimes ...


I have the problem to save the contact on the contact list they said you have to clear data of Setting->App ->All ->Contacts then restart the phone. I tried it, it worked, but I've to do it everytime I save a new contact?!!!

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