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Since you are okay with Linux and ADB, let me first clarify 2 things: Repartitioning the internal SD for Link2SD specifically as per the guide will partition it with a filesystem like ext2/ext3/ext4, which will cause partition to be recognized as system and not show up in most file managers. Some file managers, like ES File Explorer, may allow you to ...


I got stuck in a similar bootloop last Sunday on my Samsung GS4 (i9505G), except instead of rebooting, it would power off. Pulling the battery did not resolve it. I had to plug it in to a charger. The battery was at about 25% at the time. Sadly, I do not know why that resolved the problem, but I wanted to post my reply in case it helps someone.


Before you begin, I enabled developer mode and I'm not sure if it makes a difference but this is what worked for me so you might as well: Open settings, click on About phone, scroll down to Build number and tap Build number seven times. I tried many different methods on a similar alcatel phone with a mtk6582 and I also got error messages from various ...

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