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Touchwiz is not just the launcher, it is an entire framework they have built into Android. It controls the notifications, the settings, the whole OS is basically Touchwiz throughout. Samsung do not provide the stock launcher with the device (Like old HTC devices used to) so if you remove it you will just have no launcher, no way to open apps etc. You could ...


The Settings > Battery menu is a cumulative history that gets reset only when you re-charge the battery to 100%. That means all of the usage history is retained through the charge cycle (which includes any partial re-charges). The closed apps' prior battery usage (as a percentage of the total charge used since a full re-charge) should gradually decline as ...


You can try repair option in Sony PC companion or SUS(Sony Update Service). If none of this works try the steps given below Download the ftf file from here. Using flashtool flash the ftf. The tutorial on flashing can be found here


The Settings-->Battery menu doesn't show how much battery is being used at that moment, rather how much has been used (usually since the device was fully charged or turned on). The reason the apps show up is because before they were closed they used some battery.


This is the name of the user and computer that was used to build the kernel. "se.infra" isn't a username belonging to a real person, but an account used by the build infrastructure at Samsung. It's not relevant at all. The thing you need to match is the Build number, shown just beneath the kernel version in the About device page of the device settings. It ...


I seem to have found the solution for my issue. After posting the initial question I started noticing every so often I was getting a message saying that Aces Bubble Popper has stopped responding. I have not used this game in a very long time and haven't updated it in an even longer time. Apparently this app has permission to run at start-up (why a game ...


If you have tried other methods with no success, you can try rebooting your device into Android System Recovery mode and using the "wipe cache partition" option. Instructions for a Samsung device are below. Other manufacturers devices will be similar but some have different keys to get into recovery mode. Turn off your phone (Make sure it is completely ...

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