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A factory reset fixed my problem (using adb) adb shell wipe data Thanks for all the help.


If I understand your issue correctly and you are on the stock ROM, you should be able to fix it by going to Settings>More>Mobile Networks and disabling something called connections optimizer.


Apps that can't be uninstalled are apps that come hardwired in the ROM of your Android device. These are typically vendor specific apps or the Google apps. "Android System" is pretty crucial to your device, so it's weird it's even possible to uninstall it's updates. Every Android device as this, but normally it's not listed. You can see it pop up in your ...


Had a LG G2 do (looks like) precisely the same thing, I finally connected to a friends laptop via USB the laptop had some type of factory software that recognized the phones OS and actually gave me the option to backup everything,when I clicked backup da da! There before me was actually even stuff that I had deleted months ago along with all the apps, songs, ...

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