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You've gotten yourself in a pretty bad state. Always, always, ALWAYS do a full backup if you plan to change anything at the phones system! Which ROM have you tried to flash? Re-check, if it is specifically for your device and a stable build. If it's not, flash the latest stable build for your device instead. If that doesn't work, you could try to flash a ...


I spent one hour with T-Mobile tech level 2 (supervisor) on this same issue. I followed the advice above, enabled Show Hidden Files and, sure enough, all the way at the bottom was a .nomedia file. As soon as I deleted that, the photos and videos started showing up in the Gallery.


Sir, I downloaded CALL RECORDER - ACR (Free version) downloaded from Google Playstore (directly in my android phone SAMSUNG GALAXY GRAND DUO (GT-i9082) and it is playing superfine at normal speed with a very clear, original voice. I went into settings and selected .Wave as recording format. It is super fine and recording all incoming and outgoing calls at ...


You can also just reinstall the APK file that already exists on the device. After an upgrade to Android 6 somehow default permissions like android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE were lost, that is where this trick comes handy to discover the APK and reinstall it: adb shell shell@hammerhead:/ $ pm path com.stackexchange.marvin /data/app/com.stackexchange....

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