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GPS is automatically turned-off when not in use by apps. That said, apps can use GPS even if they work in background. So, I guess that your concern should be checking the apps that use GPS in the background, rather than turning it off completely.


Install Xposed Installer and GravityBox module on your rooted device. Reboot your device and then Long press the Power button, you will get 'Screen Record' option. You can change the preferences for screen recording as per your need from the GravityBox module.


Yeah, it seems that /system/usr/share/zoneinfo/zoneinfo.* files is tzdata in java format. I tried to use TimeZone Fixer - it replaced all those 3 files. After rebooting device and enable clock synchronization via GPS on system menu, I get right time. Messaging apps now show right time too. So, using "TimeZone Fixer" app is likely solves my issue - but app ...

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