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It's a bug in the app. Android has a thing called the media-scanner, which scans newly added files for metadata, so they can be included in media players, photo albums, etc. It relies on the app that creates the file signalling the media scanner process to scan the new file. If the app doesn't do this, the new file won't be added/visible. If you look at ...


Towelroot supports most Samsung devices. Based on a quick Google search, it sounds like it has been confirmed to work on GT-I9082. It's extremely simple: Navigate to towelroot.com on the mobile device. Tap the big red lambda (λ) to download the APK file. Find the APK file, either in the notifications or the Download folder, and tap it to install the app. ...


When copy/move files to system you need to change permissions using chmod 644 file_name.apk. The apps will then show back up.


I recently came across this issue on a Nexus 5 and tried most the solutions listed here with no luck. In my case, it looks to be caused by a recognized bug with stock Android (source). My solution was as follows - I used Windows 8.1, but no reason this wouldn't work on OSX/Linux (root is required on device however). On your PC, create a .tar.gz archive of ...

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