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To my knowledge, before Kitkat .apk files of system apps all went to /system/app. Kitkat added the /system/priv-app directory. The structure having an additional directory level came later (LP or MM). References: AOSP Privileged vs System app What's the difference of /system/app/ and /system/priv-app Android 5.0/Lollipop: Force rescan of /system/priv-app ...


A friendlier and less intrusive (as in keeping the stock rom whole) alternative is CF-Auto-Root, which supports this phone too: Enter the aforementioned link Download this phone's ZIP file and extract its contents Use the extracted Odin or get Odin's latest version Enter the phone's download mode (turn the phone off, then press and hold the Home, Volume ...


just visit this link, it's worked for me In summary: root your phone and install Xposed Framework and then the Xposed Additions module. From that module you can intercept the volume up key and make it take a screenshot.

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