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Turns out this was a bug with SwiftKey and was fixed in version 6.3.6: Fixed: ‘Insufficient storage’ error message will not appear when downloading languages Before that version, I did a workaround by restoring a backup of SwiftKey's data using Titanium Backup (requires root) from another device with SwiftKey and the language pack already downloaded ...


use: Notification.Builder(context).setFullScreenIntent(pendingIntent, true), manual to make the notification to show full screen


Download the stock firmware. The website seems pretty slow and the download is 1.41 GB so this might take some time, but it is the official website. It also includes the official flashing tool, so you may not need to download below mentioned flashing tool. Download this flashing tool. Extract the flashing tool to your desktop or wherever you want it. You can ...


Finally I found one app called ShutApp, and it does the job. It 'Force Close' all user installed running apps. It closes all apps on click of a button, you can enable 'Pocket Mode' to close them automatically when you are not using the phone. You can also add important apps to whitelist and it won't close those apps e.g. WhatsApp, your mail client etc. I am ...


I've had the same problem but using CCleaner I solved it. I had too many registers of calls. Cleaning for 3 hours with CCleaner was the solution.


You could try to use AndroidScreenCast for you purposes - it's maintainable version of original androidscreencast. It requires only Java and ADB, no phone client, so just run it and use it. I've just tried it with Nexus 4, Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean emulator. And, actually, I'm currently the maintainer of the project, so if you got any questions or issues - ...

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