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Easy answer Depends on. More detailed answer: This is no easy yes/no question, but has many things to consider. Several factors have to be taken into account. Picking just the easy ones to make it less complicated: what is the energy consumption in idle mode how much energy is needed per time unit how much data is transfered per time unit how much data ...


LTE actually does not meet the original 4G standards, it is neither faster nor more advanced. I'm pretty sure that it's just an icon change, but if it's not it's almost certainly that your connection is better rather than worse. I recently saw this on my device as well and used SpeedTest to check how the connection was performing. My download and ...


I don't know of a user interface in Android to enumerate the radio frequencies that the device handles. However, to give you the direct answer you were looking for, the Padfone X lacks UMTS 1700/2100, which is different from the LTE 1700/2100 that it supports.

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