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If you keep your mobile data off, it rather depends on coverage: Good 2G coverage? Use that. Your battery will last much longer. Shaky 2G but stable 3G? Use 3G. Same reason: shaky coverage makes the phone permanently switch cell towers, which eats your battery. 2g & 3G shaky, but stable LTE? Well, you guess it. For a more detailed answer backed by ...


Yes LTE is faster. Making the switch from 3G to LTE is a bittersweet change. now get substantially faster data speeds, but may have to keep an eye on usage to avoid overages. If you’ve signed up for a data plan that matches average monthly usage, do you really need to worry about running up your bill? While LTE has its advantages over 3G, there's a downside ...


You can use Force 4G LTE Switch app. It allows to force 4G/3G/2G and also provides "network operators" search shortcut.


You can find the frequency of a device (as long as it was sold in the USA) by searching the devices FCC ID. This is a unique identifier used for authorizing the device to transmit at licensed frequencies. The Padfone X has two FCC IDs, so you will have to figure out which one applies (try checking under the battery cover): MSQT00S, MSQT00D

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