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For the last 3 days I am also facing same problem. It downloads playstore updates in seconds. You tube is comfortably coming in hd. Whatsapp works fantastic. But not able to open any website in any browser. I also have redmi. No body is able to understand our problem.


There is a big chance you turned on TalkBack accessibility option by accident. You may want to turn off to fix this "issue". Enable or disable accessibility services. From the Home screen, touch Applications > Settings > Accessibility . Touch Accessibility to toggle a checkmark. Touch TalkBack to toggle a checkmark. When enabled, recites ...


If you are using an Android device , you may check my app "Smart Scroll Tools" , which brings the possibility to start scrolling by a simple click (stylus) on a button; the scrolling continues until you touch (stylus) the screen again, and all directions are supported. Once you install the app , this feature will be available as a system-wide functionality. ...


It might be a power button issue. when you take the battery out, and put it back in does the phone automatically turn on by itself? or do you have to press the power button to do that? You should turn it back on with the power button, if it turns back on automatically then it means your power button has gotten stuck. What I did was hold it and kept pressing ...

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