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OK, now I understand. The system language is what is used to display the text associated with the various user interface elements (app icon names, menu item names, etc...) whereas the TTS language is what is used to sound these names out. If the TTS language were to differ from the system language, then you would hear all names pronounced incompetently ...


It appears google already does, if you open the app Google Settings, Then Search and Now. Then Voice, at the top you can pick from a bunch of languages. I added Espanol (Mexico) since I know a little and it recognized my voice in spanish. Hope this is what you are looking for.


When text to speech is enabled, two finger swipe will swipe the screen to navigate between screens and scroll lists.


When you're in the app: Settings button > Read aloud. Make sure to keep the volume high enough to be heard


Accessibility is a category of features which are usually used to assist people who are in some way disabled. For example people who cannot see well can turn on Magnification Gesture to triple tap the screen and it will zoom in on whatever screen you are on. Also it can reverse the dark and light colors to help them see and read text better. Also, there are ...

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