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I don't think there is a common intent across the industry for launching the dictionary. Here are the common intents Google is trying to get developers to standardize on:


In general, you would call all other screens as pages, while the default screen that appears when you tap the home button as home screen as Firelord's answer also suggests Samsung seems to think otherwise ! On page 39 of user manual downloaded from, it says Your phone comes with ...


From source code of Launcher3 in Android 6.0.1 r16: The workspace is a wide area with a wallpaper and a finite number of pages. Each page contains a number of icons, folders or widgets the user can interact with. Honestly, this is the first time I heard the term workspace in context of a launcher for Android, but if you want a standard term, there you ...


For Samsung devices with Android Lollipop 5.1.1: Settings → Personalization → Accessibility → Vision → Negative colors


Got to settings-->accessibility--->Single tap Mode


I recognize the issue with Google Maps, l suggest this simple trick: When you find e.g. a road-name hard to read, just TEMPORARILY stretch out the map near the name with two fingers (but do not let go! ) , then easily read the name, and finally (even if just approximately ) draw your fingers back together to see the main map again.

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