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This might work. It's an app called DejaOffice. It allows you to separate your contacts, calendars, etc into different sections. I've used it before and it's a great app. Or an alternative is to create a different Google account for each "Profile."


Yes you can have multiple address books. You could just use google account for this purpose. You can put different people in different groups and do a custom view in settings to show the items you like.


Yes you can use two WhatsApp account in a single phone,and here is an alternate method. There are so many application using them you can use dual WhatsApp, and Parallel Space, simply install application Parallel Space from Google Play. After installing, there you will see an option for WhatsApp, using that you can use another WhatsApp account. Using Parallel ...


One app that works to create different groups of contacts is "contacts plus". It is a bit of a crummy interface but works. The only way I found of doing via the native Google app is by creating different Google accounts and saving the contacts to each specific account, then signing in to an account and signing out of the other when you need to use another ...

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