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Adding a restricted user seems to be, what you are looking for. This should work in Lollipop tablets. After creating such an account you can select which of your installed apps are usable by that account. Sadly that feature does not seem to exist on Lollipop smartphones though. There is a workaround though that may also suit your needs.


It is very well possible. Sign in with that particular account only from gmail app and it will not sync with anything else.


I found a workaround for my problem that works splendidly. After having installed the latest version of the Gmail App, I have discovered that when I go to Settings > Account > Add account, I can configure a generic email address (i.e. not necessarily a Gmail one) to be used with the said App. It supports both IMAP and POP3 protocols. (sorry for the ...


This not necesserly Android-related, but you mentioned you use those accounts only for emailing. Please see this and this link. It is possible to send and receive mails from different addresses using only master account and therefore you would have no need to add separate accounts to your Android device.


While you add the Google account or even afterwards (from account settings), you can select the content and services to sync. You can select only Gmail, leaving alone all the other services you don't want like Google+, drive, sheets, docs etc. There's no need to setup a third party email client. All (most) Google apps are aware of this functionality and ...


As you have mentioned you are using Kit-Kat, just open alternative email client as user87790 has said.It just comes as separate app named as Email. Open the app. Select add new from the bottom left corner with add new mark(Plus mark with pencil). Add new account enter your account details. Add both the accounts b and c in the same way you enter the password ...


Use the F-Droid repository to install K-9 Mail. (https://f-droid.org/repository/browse/?fdid=com.fsck.k9). This way you do not have to use a Google account to install a mail application, and while you access GMail through the non-Google app, you can also take advantage of additional features of K-9 such as OpenPGP support ...


Well your best choice is to backup the apps using a backup application and then switch account and restore the applications. The apps may ask you to choose account now, and you can choose the right one. One more idea is to backup all apps and clean the data of the play store and Google play services and open the play store again. Now the play store will ...


#2 that you tried is if you have 2-step authentication on. The App Passwords are for applications (like some windows apps, for example, that authenticate to google) do not work with 2-step verification. These passwords are meant to be used with those apps. App Passwords will only work if you have 2-step authentication enabled on your Google account. I ...


All applications that use Android's internal Google Account system should ask you which Google Account they should use on their first run.This includes games, but excludes websites as they do not use any Android framework.


When you open the play store or any google application to choose between your logged in accounts swipe from left to open options and then touch on the account name of yours. You will then see all the accounts that you are logged in with. Now choose the one you wish to use.

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