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IDK which Recovery (stock/custom) your device is running because in my device CWM 6.0 for Android 4.2.1 shows "Install zip from sideload" option. Anyhow, I've verified that both options points to same thing i.e. sideloading from PC. This option will allow you to push a .zip file into the device accompanied by an automated installation of it. For a custom ...


My phone does this, too. I wish I knew why. I seem to have had some success with the sendevent command (adb shell sendevent). First, I had to locate the Power Key device via getevent -i. In my case, I found /dev/input/event4 had a name like pmic8xxx_pwrkey, and used this for my sendevent call. # sendevent --help use: sendevent device type code value To ...

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