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Not sure why and how, but the ads gone by itself in 1 week. I still believe this is a malware though.


You won't be able to block ads in the Youtube APP as long as you don't want to root your device. Blocking these ads requires changes to the DNS settings and you can't change these settings without root, nor can an app. When you don't want to root your device the only option I see is just to use Firefox (or a similar Browser), install the Adblocker addon ...


If you have root you can use adaway app. It's completely free and 100% working. You can download it here . This app blocks all ads in browsers, all apps and games and youtube too, it uses hosts file to do so.


If you have a rooted Android device you can use xposed, there is a xposed module to block youtube ads: YouTube AdAway (plus a bunch of other Youtube mods and other android mods).


I advice you to try and find which applications are running by using a program that displays your current processes. One of those will be the adware. You could also try and install some android anti-adware blocker, or even cut out the banner with an image editing program, make an image search and find which program or advertisiment the image matches, then ...

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