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Like KeshavaGN, I suspect a 3rd party app behind this. But neither your Nova Launcher, nor WhatsApp itself. To isolate the culprit, I suggest the following steps: Check with e.g. Appbrain Ad Detector (or TrustGO, which you chose) for apps carrying ad modules. These might include your culprit – but on a second look, that's not a typical "ad network ...


That's not an Airpush ad. Also, these kind of ads are forbidden by the Google Playstore TOS. Always pointing to the same app suggests another app from the same developer placing it, not an ad module. I'd first check which apps are running when this happens (Settings→Apps, select the corresponding tab). See if there are "non-essential" apps listed which you ...


This may be produced by some other application such as third party launcher. Check any other 3rd party apps, mainly, 3rd party launcher that you are using. Uninstal/stop those launchers/apps and check.

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