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Reason is your client saves them at that time, and doesn't ask the "server" (your Android device) for the original time stamps. You could try using a SSH server on your Android device. DroidSSHd would be a good choice, for example. To copy your files then you need to start this SSH Server first on your phone, which usually tells you the IP and port used. ...


You can create an account with Airdroid and link your phone to that account. It'll then use a 3g/4g connection if WiFi isn't available. Alternatively, if you're looking to use it as a security feature, if your phone is linked to your Google Account, you can use Google's Device Manager to wipe/Find/Lock/Make it Ring remotely.


File Expert will give you both on-device, Explorer-like access to your files, and access over WiFi from your browser, an FTP client or Bluetooth. You won't need a separate browser-access app. It is well reviewed and free/no ads.


I've contact with other AirDroid user and this is an known bug for the developer, to be resolved in future version.

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