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I attempted to clear the data and cache of the clock app, but that did not resolve the no sound issue. However, I pulled down the notification tab and noticed that the sound button was toggled to something called Sound (priority). I've never seen that before, but after turning it off the alarm actually works now.


When you say the little alarm status bar symbol, do you mean up the top left? If so, it sounds like that alarm app is running as a Service rather than registering with the system's AlarmManager. When you swipe the app away from the multitasking view, you are killing the Service. More details I have only a few suggestions: Ensure the app cannot be ...


You need to adjust the volume of the alarm once you connect your BT speakers. In Android, the volume of audio is determined by two mostly orthogonal things: the first is the type of the audio (it's called stream type), so you have separate volume settings for media, ringtones, alarms, etc; the second is the kind of the output device: built-in speaker, ...

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