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Are you using the stock Clock application? If so, have you unchecked "Vibrate" from the alarm settings? Go to the stock Clock application. Select the (leftmost) alarm tab in order to configure or add new alarms. Uncheck "Vibrate." This should solve the problem. I have the same device, which I usually keep in silent mode, and my alarm is audible. As a ...


Under certain conditions it's very dangerous to Keep Phone Plugged in for charging for long time .The battery may Over heat And May explode I suggest you to Charger Only when it's required and then unplug the charger


As you've said it is "incredibly cheap, all-around low quality phone" yes there are chances of overheating and all. I suggest you to charge it only at nights as you need it only for alarm.


Tasker would be a nice solution - it's not free, but it's very handy in a lot of other scenarios too.


That is expected behavior. It allows you to turn the phone off if you need to ensure the battery doesn't drain (or whatever other use-case you can think up) and still have a usable alarm clock. It's not new, many Android devices do something similar, and every iPhone since the first-generation models also had that feature. I can also recall an old Nokia 3310 ...

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