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A "hard reset" would not change the /system partition, which is where the .apk originates. Since you deleted the system app, I'm going to assume that you have root access. After installing the .apk, I recommend manually pushing it to /system/priv-app/ (command: adb push LGAlarmClock.apk /system/priv-app/, replacing LGAlarmClock.apk with the full path to the ...


Is it possible to have more than ten (alarms)? Maybe not with HTC clock, but yes it is possible. As mentioned by dotVezz in the comment, "it's definitely not a constraint of the OS". Android doesn't set any restrictions regarding how many alarms they can store/handle, even on per-app basis. A counter-example to OP's case: a stock clock on Nexus 4 ...


Well, I couldn't find the solution so I followed Ian Clark's advice and performed factory reset. That helped.

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