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Plug your phone into PC. Open folder → go into internal storage → alarms. File type that has worked for me is Mp3 and M4A. I have not found any other way for this to work. If you want to stay native to the phone and not download any apps then you have to use a computer.


All of my ringtone and notification files are on my external SD card and don't show up in Google Play Music: /extSdCard/Notifications /extSdCard/Ringtones Also, on my Galaxy S3 my alarm uses the Ringtones for alarm sounds.


There was a question here asking if it is an expected behavior, it has two answers saying not much more as simple yes. I am going to answer this question as a question of why is it so, whether Android is running, and how it works if not. The answer is: no, Android is not running nowhere, nor is Linux underneath him. Wake up on alarm is a hardware feature ...

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