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I use an alarm app every day called "Gentle Alarm", from Mobitobi. There is a trial that has one limitation of not being able to set an alarm for one certain day. This app will seem a little too complicated for many, but with a small amount of thought at first, it is very easy to use; it just has a lot of features. I only use a subset of them. It uses ...


You can download Wanam Xposed from the play store Link : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ma.wanam.xposed When you open the app you'll be instructed to install the framework (I've done it personally and haven't had any problems) Once this is done go back to the original app and there will be many customizable features available including one ...


Easiest way if rooted: You can use GravityBox, to hide the Alarm-Clock-Symbol. Open the app. Go to "Adapt Status Bar" (I don't know the exact English translation) Choose "Adapt Clock" Tick the box next to "Hide Alarm Symbol"

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