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I just briefly read through the manual for your television found at Kogan's website, and as far as I can tell, the only available connection interface other than the typical IR used by remote controls is network-based. That means whatever application you use has to be supported both by the serving device (i.e. your TV) as well as use the local network ...


Purchase a mouse which supports multitouch gestures (using which you zoom in or out). e.g. PadKite If you don't want to purchase anything, just go to Dolphin's Settings, tap Lab and turn ON pinch-Zoom Button. Then, you'll find +/- clickable buttons to zoom in or out.


It depends on how the Android image you're using was built. When you build a ROM image from the Android sources, you set what drivers are included in the image, according to what target hardware you're expecting to use it with. If you got the Android image from the manufacturer of the TV box, it should have drivers for all the hardware in the device. (At ...

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