What is an "APK"?

As the excerpt states, APK stands for "Application PacKage file", and is the format used to distribute and install software on Android. The format is comparable with Java's .jar archives (also called JAR files), but might already contain the compiled DEX code (Dalvik EXecutable, see ).

If you try to open an .apk file directly on your Android device with e.g. a file manager, this usually installs the contained app.

Where should I use this tag?

Not if your question is just about "an app", but if it's especially about the .apk file. Some good examples are listed below.

What are related tags?

  • : the setting you need to enable if you want to install .apk files manually
  • : installing apps from places other than the "official market" -- which includes manual installation of .apk files
  • : they are ditributed/installed with .apk files

What are recommended readings on this site for this topic?

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