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Try wget in the terminal emulator (if you're using CyanogenMod, then you probably have BusyBox, which includes wget), you might need root to write to the internal memory, so if you don't have write permission in the current directory, then you might need to type su first.


You can also use ADB to push the file onto your phone.


You probably need to side-load a Market.apk file that's been hacked to work with your device. This will require root. You could also load a custom ROM with the Market already on it. I recommend searching XDA. That said, you won't be able to get Flash unless you have/get 2.2. Flash requires Android 2.2+ as well as an ARMv7 or better processor. The 70 ...


Slashgear has an article with a set of pictures showing the internals of the Archos 7, Slashgear: Archos 7 Home Tablet clears FCC picture 6 on this page has the wifi module and antenna labelled, unfortunately as I don't have one I can't quite work out the orientation of the parts in that picture as to how they relate to the full device, you might be able to. ...

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