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Note: This answer is meant to address the bounty's note (bounty offered by Abhishek Anand) only, hence, may not be much relevant to the original-cum-historical question. Bounty note There must be a better way to [do] this. If a web server disregards user-agent value and looks at screen size, there must be a way to fake screen size too. As of now, ...


This might have nothing to do with the UserAgent – but rather use other means of responsive design. Take my Android site for example: I don't evaluate the UA at all. Try the site with your mobile device, play with UA and Cookies all you want – unless you change your screen resolution, results will always be the same. @media (max-width: 600px) { // ...


Yes, there is a way. boot the tablet normally enable USB debugging connect to computer by cable from the computer, run adb reboot recovery tablet reboots directly to recovery Done! I was trying to issue this command in Fastboot (where it's not supported) instead of ADB (where it works).

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