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I've got the same phone running android 4.4.2. My phone does not speak email messages. It only speaks sms text, caller id info, and two other notifications. If you consult the help manual on the phone, the usage is a little clearer.


Did you try to recover your phone again? Sometimes there are already bugs on fresh install and it needs to install again! If there are no data on your phone try it. An reinstallation does not take long time.


On my Samsung I9300 Galaxy S III with a Android 4.1.2, I use Camera Zoom FX (non-free): it can take pictures without stopping recordings done by Android's native voice recorder (unlike the native camera application).


Complementing rubo77's answer: the permission may vary according to the application. WhatsApp, for instance, uses setOutputFile, inside group Media (audio, photo, video) to record short voice messages.

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