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System > accessibility > Hearing I am using LG G2


The following application: SoundAbout allows you to disable the headphone plug/unplug event detection in the settings: Select Wired Headset behaviour and remove the tick from the Wired Headset detection (ticked by default) From my understanding what it basically does is that it registers a broadcast receiver for the following broadcast with the Intent: ...


You can make this happen by going in poweramp settings->Headset/Bluetooth an uncheck Pause On Headset Disconnect and Resume on wired Headset and that should be it


As per advice from Narayanan, I replaced /system/media/audio/ui/LowBattery.ogg with another .ogg file. The next time it was triggered, the new file played. I then tried placing an empty file at /system/media/audio/ui/LowBattery.ogg, but this did not work. Finally, I downloaded a slient .ogg from here, placing it at /system/media/audio/ui/LowBattery.ogg. ...

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