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After some googling, it appears that B&N audiobooks are in MP3 format with no DRM. That means they should play on almost everything that can play audio, including the Novel. Edit: Their FAQ says exactly that, and mentions how to download the files.


Google Music will ignore the .nomedia hint file. But you can create a folder beginning with a "." and put there all the audio files you don't want to be indexed by Google Music. For example: /sdcard/.AudioNotToShowInGMusic/


Its most likely a VBR mp3. as a DJ we have seen this a lot, The VBR is never detected correctly as the length of the playback is not proportional to the length of the file. With DJ software we have to prescan the files to determine their real length, obviously your application is only expecting FBR files and not VBR. You could put it through something like ...


Press the overflow menu button in the upper right. Select the show storage option. There will now be a new item below the Recent menu item in the slide out drawer for the devices storage.


Since this has been open for a week, I decided to post my workaround and the other details I found as an answer. Mods, please don't close other similar questions, because this is not an actual answer, just a hotfix that might help someone later. Just wanted to update: 1) Found a workaround using the VLC Player (still in beta) to open the files. 2) After ...

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