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The only "low energy states" I know Android uses is having certain components disabled (e.g. switched off WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC, whatever, plus dimmed the screen, etc.) – so we certainly cannot speak from "boot up". On that condition, there are many apps available for Android which could be used. You've already put the automation tag to your question. ...


Automateit can do that (of course, rooting is required!). Here is the link for the free version: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=AutomateIt.mainPackage


I tried the "StorageManager.enableUsbMassStorage" and the "StorageManager.disableUsbMassStorage" to enable and disable the mass storage and its works. Thanks. That methods are private method. So, If you want to use them, You shoud do it by reflection. To get that Storage Manager, you might use getSystemService(java.lang.String) method that included in ...

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