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The goal may seem to be switching the keyboard app when the password is to be entered, but the real issue is to protect the password from being logged by third-party keyboard apps, or at least be restricted from being uploaded somewhere. In that case, I suggest using a firewall so that you can restrict any app from connecting to Internet, let alone it can ...


Automate can toggle Mobile data, however it require a rooted device since Android 5. It can likely be done on unrooted device as well, using UI automation.


You can try Tasker which is paid but really powerfull app. You can create profile based on event, schedule or according to your preference. Than you can create task in NET > Mobile Data section.


There appears to be an app/widget on XDA that should do what you are asking. Link to the thread can be found here - Link to the app in the play store can be found here The app is paid and requires root. Hope this helps. =)

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