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You can add widgets to your home screen if your phone supports. You can also try widgets from play store like 2g-3g switch Data on or off


Yes, it can. GSM and later phone protocols automatically adjust the phone's transmit power according to the strength of the signal it gets from the cell tower. It's just like how, if you're talking to someone and you can't hear them very well (because they're a long way away, or in a noisy environment), you'll tend to talk louder or shout, but if you can ...


It won't make a noticeable difference. The GPS receiver has to be powered up continuously either way, but the receiver itself isn't a huge part of the battery use of most location-based apps. In general, this kind of app can be a battery drain because it's running, computing data, and saving data continuously. For example, if it's saving a log of your route, ...


On most devices shipping with ICS and up, you can simply open the notification area, and tap the corresponding quick-setting: Quick settings in the notification bar (click image for larger variant) Make your pick. Hint: A2 :) PS: Not sure how far this is customizable on which Android version. Even items available might depend on the device used. So I'm ...

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