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Try Battery Monitor Widget With Battery Monitor you can control your Battery status, here are some features: Unplugged since Last level change Total charges Total charging time Total unplugged time And many others The google play page Hope it will help.


Sounds like you could use a factory reset. This will reload your operating system. After you do that I would load applications one by one and see if any of your apps are causing the battery drain. Here is a guide on how to factory reset your phone: http://www.digitaltrends.com/mobile/factory-reset-galaxy-s5/


There is no app that does that, and there never will be, because it is impossible. The voltage of a battery does not tell you how much charge a battery has, nor does any other characteristic of the battery. That's not true, Battery Monitor Widget Pro has an option to choose "Calculate battery level from voltage". There are all kinds of battery meters ...


To add to Dean's answer, I also had a number of Android apps that drained my battery by using Sync all day long. The apps listed in your Accounts tab under Settings all sync through Google Services. By using Tasker, I scheduled Sync to run every hour for 3 minutes. My battery life improved significantly after that. Here is the recipe for the Tasker profile: ...

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