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Never let it run down below 10% if you can help it. Running down to "absolute zero" harms your battery (and might even render it inoperable – which is why most devices shut-down before reaching that point). Modern LiIo batteries don't suffer from "memory effect", so ideally you'd plug-in a charger whenever possible: "trickle-charging" doesn't hurt them, low ...


Navigate to Settings -> WiFi -> Advanced (under the context menu) and ensure that Scanning always available is not checked. This feature 'Let's Google location service and other apps scan for networks, even when WiFi is off'. This is most likely the cause of the battery drain. To further reduce WiFi battery use, you could change the Keep WiFi on during ...


Go to Settings > Battery and see which app or service is the culprit. Touch on the app that is using an unusual amount of battery and you can FORCE STOP or REPORT it from there.


If you're directly writing the kernel with fastboot then it shouldn't touch the user data. If you're flashing it through recovery it should also be OK, but it's possible for the update.zip file to perform other actions that could wipe data.


Stop running unnecessary applications in the background. For example: Bluetooth should be off when not in use and it can be turned on per usage like for example get a call then turn it on or make sure if turned on always plugged in to a charger. Make sure you get titanium back up; you don't need pro. Go inside play store and download it. Run it and then ...


From what I can tell, the multiuser feature DOES drain quite a lot of battery. Here is a screenshot of my battery stats - I have not logged in as the other user since my last full charge. Click image for larger version

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