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There's usually a wrong conception on how these "numbers" should be interpreted. For example, your screenshot shows "Screen: 3%". So what does that mean? a. the screen ate 3% of your battery, thus reducing it e.g. from 100% to 97% b. the screen was responsible for the overall discharging by 3% – in this case, it "ate 1.8% juice" Hint: it's not a) – so ...


If its downloading 1 file from 1 site - barely works: Its offloaded to modem. If its downloading via torrent - Might work harder; decrypting, hashing, etc... Basically Downloading takes little CPU -----> I am gonna guess youre asking "Why does downloading eat my battery so hard?" If that is the case: Then Think of your Cell(3g,4g,etc) and Wifi As giant ...


All phones automatically stop charging once they reach 100%. They then carefully monitor and "bounce" the battery level to ensure it doesn't drain too much, but doesn't overcharge, either. But they're definitely designed with this core concept in mind to reduce damage. Besides, if it stopped charging it at 100% and didn't start back up again, odds are by the ...


Go to Settings > Battery and see which app or service is the culprit. Touch on the app that is using an unusual amount of battery and you can FORCE STOP or REPORT it from there.

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