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Get LeanDroid, thats the best one ive found (ive tried greenify, sounds great but isnt quite as good) but greenify is more straight forward. LeanDroid, takes more configuring. I am using a S6, my battery life is nearly 3x


As soon as a device implements the Bluetooth Battery Service (BAS), it is able to indicate the battery status.


They are right, it hibernates apps..if you are rooted with xposed it really does magic, but most modern apps are coded to restart persistently so a lot will restart after being hibernated because without root and xposed it can't hold the apps closed, it merely force stops them but that can still be effective if you only hibernate apps that don't restart ...


Technically YES. Basically what it does is hibernate selected apps. That means the apps you selected for greenification will not work service after inactivity like screen lock etc. They will start again as soon as you launch them again. So it should help battery problem!


Yes, a cracked screen can drain your battery massively, due to generation and loss of heat. I have walked around with a cracked screen for 1.5 year. During this time I had to replace my battery three times, with two times my battery was bulging and the last time it just barely charged anymore. I thought it was just the Samsung battery, because after a ...


By now you would have long upgraded, but answering this hoping it may help anybody read it. "What is a canonical battery test that I can run (now and after upgrading) to determine whether upgrading deteriorated the battery life? Battery usage depends on so many parameters. The list is possibly endless but few examples are highlighted below, leading to the ...


Excessive Heating of battery is a typical, inescapable effect of using " fast or rapid " chargers. Reason behind this is the charging rate. Normal charging uses 0.5 to 0.8 C (C is the charge rate) whereas fast charging uses anything between 1 to 3C. In simple words, this is pushing more current to charge faster. Heat produced is related to Power and governed ...

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