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I own an Android smartphone with a lithium-ion battery. I want its installed rechargeable battery to remain useful for a decade, if possible. Completely improbable. Even in optimal storage conditions, a rechargeable Li-ion battery will not last 5 years let alone 10. And optimal storage conditions means 40% charge at 0°C, not room temperature. Secondary ...


The actual capacity of a battery decreases as the battery ages through an irreversible fading process. This capacity loss occurs both with active use, correlated with charging cycles, and with inactivity through self-discharge. The device may even come with substandard batteries. However, the amount of loss is linear with time and accelerates with ...


Maybe a longshot for you, but i changed the home launcher on my g3 to google now launcher from playstore and battery improved a lot.


I suspect the reduction in power consumption will not be significant, but you can easily test this yourself using free software like Trepn Profiler. Make sure to follow these best practices, if you want to get the most accurate results. If you share your method for reducing screen resolution here, hopefully someone can verify the results using hardware like ...


It is more likely here that your battery has lost its rated capacity. A new battery is recommended. Any kind of calibration wouldn't work on a degraded battery.The charging and discharging both should show jumps.If you can, you can try the battery in a friends Nexus, Also try a different charger for tests.


I recommend you try wakelock detector to find what is waking up the cpu and preventing your phone from deep sleeping. You might find that is it is something annoying like media scanner getting stuck and killing your battery life.


this sounds like you move in and out of data service alot. 4G was very new in ICS and radio handoff wasn't very efficient. even if you have a newer version of android, what i'm about to describe will still help. if you are in a location with secure wifi access and little or no 4G signal, turn off your mobile data to keep the device from using battery by ...


You can easily view processor wake-ups without root access. If you’re running Android L, processor stats can be viewed by going to Settings > Battery and select an application from the list. Look at the overall percentage of battery used by every app. Watch for apps that have a long ‘Stay awake’ duration that were running in the background. Watch for long ...


Believe it or not. THEY DO NOTING BUT SHOWING ADVERTISEMENT and ultimately consuming more battery. They will present an animation showing the list of the apps they are closing for us. But they do nothing. The proof is, just go to the app manager and check app info, all those apps are running in background.


This can be caused by numerous things. Do you have any background sync going on? e.g. Google sync, few email account and so on? Don't sync every 5 min, try to increase the sync interval to 30 min e.g. Do you have a bad signal reception most of the times? It can help to change to 2G network if thats the case. Some other tips: Try apps like ...


On my phone, it looks like the updates of the status bar are happening when the wifi or cellular signal-strength indicators change. It's definitely less than once per second. I wouldn't worry about it. Infrequent drawing of a few icons is not going to use any significant GPU power.

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