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This is not as in-depth as FireLord's answer, but I found a few apps that might be useful. These all appear monitor current and have a log feature: Current Widget: Battery Monitor by RmDroider Battery Utility Free by SUXD Advanced Battery Monitor by Codeka Battery Monitor Widget by 3c Battery Spy by Vertiform Technologies These are more ...


Ampere shows us the value of current made available to the system by the kernel. I used three devices with different Android versions to test my answer. Here we go! Test 1 & 2: Two MTK devices running stock Android 4.2.1 and 4.4.2 Since MTK is involved, thing would behave a bit differently. In both the devices Ampere had trouble measuring the current ...


Not going to beat around the bushes here - take it to a repair shop as soon as you can. The problem with water damage is that it's impossible to diagnose the extent of the damage by just seeing what the average user can do (ie. turning it on and off). It needs to be opened up and inspected by someone who knows what they're doing so they can let you know if ...


I've had some success with mine by going to Settings, Battery, and then the Detail button under Save battery power by managing your apps. I then set pretty much everything to Auto Stop except for "critical" apps like my launcher, SMS, etc. - anything I want to still get notifications on. This has significantly improved my battery life.

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