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One reason for this could be the amount of signal/strength of your Wi-Fi as this can have an effect on battery usage.


Are you currently using Android Lollipop? If yes then go to Privacy guard in Settings and revoke all permissions of Google Play Music.


In the end I just decided to let the battery drop down to about 3%, restart the phone and then charge. Now it's fine again!


I think not. faster charger actually put more energy into your battery (1A = 1W * 1V^-1). your battery's Voltage is at charging and discharging the same (or to be specific, it's rising while charging and dropping while discharging, but the same amount *), so basically the difference between the two chargers is the energy (A) which comes, and because of the ...


I turned off "Scanning always available" and "network notification" and my issue got fixed.


Here are my opinions. Firstly there is an application called "WatchDog Task Manager". You can install this application (or use the free version) and configure it so it kills processes exceeding certain thresholds. This can be set for the parameter of CPU or battery usage. This is primarily for CPU. Another application you could configure is "SnapDragon ...


I highly recommend Greenify to take care of these battery sucking applications.


Both the Facebook and Facebook Messenger apps are notorious for excessive battery use. Seriously, social media is nowhere near important enough to warrant killing your phone battery. One way to help is to make sure that location reporting is turned off for both apps. You should actually go through all of the settings for both apps and disable every single ...

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