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What is "Pairing"?

The Bluetooth protocol does not involve a login or similar authentication. To avoid abuse, only "trusted devices" are accepted. The process of making a device known as "trusted" is called pairing: On the first connect, the user is asked whether the connecting device might be trusted. Usually, the confirmation process requires a PIN to be entered on both devices, which then is used as a kind of "passphrase" for subsequent connections.

When should I use this tag?

If you have trouble to convince two devices (at least one of them being an Android device, of course) to pair with each other -- either initially, or on subsequent connects (e.g. a device "forgetting" its pairing data, or the like)

Related tags

In some cases, another tag might be more (or additionally) fitting:

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  • : Issues concerning the HeadSet Profile. Might be used in addition or instead, depending on your issue.
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  • : For generic Bluetooth questions not fitting one of the more specific categories. Do not use this together with , but rather instead.

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