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I want to say Bluetooth location tracking on a phone is not possible - the technology exists, but I doubt phones have it. Wifi would be possible only to know which router you are connecting through because the external IP address is possible of being geo-located. So, to do what you are asking for precise device location, you need to enable GPS, which ...


Autovoice and autoinput can provide voice-activated functionality for a bluetooth recording app, though you will be fiddling with setting it up like a pianist.


This can be due to a number of reasons: 1) You have a layout conflict between the OS and the Bluetooth keyboard, as pointed out by the previous answerer. Resolve this by going into the "Physical Keyboard Settings" option in the settings of whatever 3rd-party keyboard app you may have as default, or if you use the inbuilt soft keyboard, go into ...


Download "PC Remote" from Play Store. It's free. It can use Wi-Fi but it can also be connected with Bluetooth. It has many types of game controllers in it for different types of games like fighting type, shooting type, racing type and flying type and more. .

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