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A boot animation is a series of images (frames) in a folders (parts). There is a text file (desc.txt) that defines the parts, the frame rate, and how many times it loops. A desc.txt looks like this: 480 427 30 p 1 0 part0 p 0 10 part1 The first like is the height and width, then the number of frames per second the next 2 lines define the parts that will ...


This is a crash and restart of the android runtime, without a crash and reboot of the underlying linux operating system kernel. The uptime refers to the underlying linux, so it is maintained across the framework restart. The difference between a framework crash and restart vs. a kernel crash and reboot is not very apparent to the end user, since there's ...


I had a similar problem on CyanogenMod and it turned out to be broken permissions. I tried the following which worked in the shell only for whatever reason. You need to be rooted and have ADB installed. The following commands mount the system partition for reading and writing, copy stock bootanimation zip (change location, or skip), copy custom bootanimation ...


Create an animation script (text) file as desc.txt with the following content: 240 320 24 p 1 0 part0 Explanation: In first line 240 320 24, 240 320 is the device's resolution and 24 is the frames per second. Higher the number, faster the animation. In second line p 1 0 part0, p is a code to tell it to look at new commands, 1 is the number of times ...


This may not be exactly what you are seeing, but I have seen situations where the "home"/launcher app will be garbage collected. The next time the phone returns to the home screen, it shows a loading screen as it restarts the launcher app. Depending on the model of phone, ROM, and launcher you use, this initialization screen may be different, and it may ...


You need root and a root explorer like ES File Explorer. Go to system/media/ and delete or rename the file bootani.qmg if you want to get rid of the Android animation. The vendor one should be named like samsungani.qmg or htcani.qmg.


Provided you're rooted and your ROM supports changing the boot animation, there are a number of apps in the Play Store. Here's one - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.jrummy.apps.boot.animations


OK: After some more reading, it looks like ClockWorkMod did not back up the /cust partition ie: /proc/mtdblock7 in which the vodafone logo and boot animation was stored. When I flashed my device with a generic Stock ROM that overwrote the /cust partition permanently. When I flashed my recovery.img, it only restored the recovery partition (which was the CWM ...


Looks like this was a corrupt zip problem.. from linux zip tool you must be using the -0 switch to 'store'.

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