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ANSWER: So this took me some troubleshooting to fix. During this process I was using the Linux Archive Manager GUI to work with my animation files. This was my mistake. At one point, as a test, I deleted folder part0 from the archive, and then added it right back in and pushed it back to the phone. Black screen. This was my "A-Ha!" moment. My archive ...


BootAnimation doesn't affect boot time. It's just a series of pictures shown in sequence to you, while your phone is ready to give you the GUI. There is no one certain recipe to make your phone boot twice as fast. Check this and this for possible solutions, to make your phone boot up faster


I have a very different take on this matter than @sbrm1. Note a few things first and then decide whether doing this is worth it: The boot logo is a actually a raw binary image, constrained by size, not format. The format of the bootloader splash screen, as it is known, varies for even models of the same device (case in point, Exynos and Qualcomm Samsung ...


The worst case scenario you can encounter while changing Brand logo is not have any logo or battery charging indicator (when switched off and charging). Yes it is possible to change the company logo. If you have ever flashed a custom ROM and still have the file lying around, sometimes (after extraction) you will find a logo.bin (its a raw Binary ...

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