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Posting this not so much for the asker, since it was asked ten hours ago, but for others who find this question: Lollipop's first boot can take a long time. On my Nexus 4, after the OTA update from 4.4.4, it took about half an hour. At least 10 minutes of this was spent in the "flying colours" boot screen. I'd make sure it has power, and leave it for at ...


The only "low energy states" I know Android uses is having certain components disabled (e.g. switched off WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC, whatever, plus dimmed the screen, etc.) – so we certainly cannot speak from "boot up". On that condition, there are many apps available for Android which could be used. You've already put the automation tag to your question. ...


Automateit can do that (of course, rooting is required!). Here is the link for the free version: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=AutomateIt.mainPackage


At last I got the solution, you can achieve this by deleting system/bin/charge_only_mode file. Please do that at your own risk and before deleting have backup of that file. I got the desired result that was boot when its connected to wall charger and now its working fine. All the best!


This worked for me : connect usb OTG cable and a regular pc keyboard, then power on.


That file is in the /system partition, which is mounted read-only, and even if you make it writable (which also requires you to be root), by default it's only writable by root. So it's not possible without rooting your device. The steps you have to take to be able to change your boot animation: Root your device. The rooting method is device-specific, so I ...


You can delete /system/media/bootanimation.zip and the second boot animation would be gone. You need to root your phone to do that though. Also, this would make your home screen appear faster, but not fully functional until it competes boot. Changing or removing the first boot splash is trickier, it requires recompiling the kernel with a blank boot splash ...


I seem to have found the solution for my issue. After posting the initial question I started noticing every so often I was getting a message saying that Aces Bubble Popper has stopped responding. I have not used this game in a very long time and haven't updated it in an even longer time. Apparently this app has permission to run at start-up (why a game ...

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