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I was facing this problem for two days, and I solved installing the USB driver for my phone LG G3 on my Mac Yosemite. I downloaded the file LGMobileMacDriver_v5.0.zip and installed it and than adb devices just worked. You can try to install the USB driver of your phone, maybe it'll help. Best,


I'm not allowed to comment...but I ran into this same problem on my Galaxy Note 2. It was fully charged but I couldn't do anything at all, screen never even pretended to light up. Samsung had a bad batch of hardware causing a "Sudden Death Syndrome" as people were calling it. The one thing I did notice was that if you look at the area where the proximity ...


As far as I know this option is present in 4.4.2. So you want the device to be ready as soon as you enter your car and have a good power consumption. you probably want to use the "QuickBoot mode" (not the same as fastboot mode) which doesn't really turn the device off if you choose "shutdown", but gets it into some sort of power saving mode. on my mobile ...


I had the exact problem after going back to stock then applying the OTA. I had to reinstall TWRP (I used "fastboot flash recovery twrp.img" according to the instructions here). Then I just flashed another ROM from the SD card, which have gotten beeter since I last checked. I recommend Viper or Adrenaline 2.4 androidrevolutions.com/neo/ADRENALINE/m8/


Technically, if your device is connected to a charger, it may be possible if your phone is rooted. You can edit the program which shows the charging animation when your phone is powered off (typically stored in playlpm or lpm in /system/bin). You could replace it with a simple shell script to reboot the phone when the time is equal to some value, ...


No. It is not possible in any existing Android device. If you really want this feature, you'll need to build a device yourself.

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