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Blink Feed Launcher is the launcher app for your HTC One M7 and with this frozen you'll be unable to use your phone. Factory reset will be the simplest and easiest option available, and since you're using Titanium Backup Pro, I must assume that you have a backup of all your user apps, and as such you can restore them after the factory reset. If not then ...


You may find stock firmware for your model on SamMobile from this link. This site is also a good source for firmware for most Samsung Mobiles. Just search for your model here. Do take note however that you have to register for a free account before you can start downloading. Optionally, upgrade to a premium account faster download speed.


I am also facing the same problem, My Moto G 1st Gen Phone is 1 Year and 5 Months old. One Night It shows Shutting down due to Low Battery, So at the same time I plug in the charger thought that after shutting down will do reboot. But It wasn't shutting down after plugging in charger. So I unplug it again and did wait for 4-5 min but it keep showing Shutting ...


As far as I know, your device is not that hard bricked, that you can't boot into the bootloader (fastboot mode). so at every time you should be able to install a custom recovery via fastboot flash recovery recovery.img. if you are in recovery mode with a working recovery, you can do a factory reset (reflash the system, root,... partitions from a protected ...

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