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I totally agree with all the symptoms you document. It reads like I would have wrote it. It seems many of us are suffering the same phone disease. Ultimately I ended up sending the phone to Samsung. They returned it unrepaired and stated the cost for repair would be unjustifiable. Apparently, though, it can be repaired. I called Samsung, and, of course, ...


Olá (hi) You can recovery you device by installing again its original stock rom. See more about it at the following website: (it is in portuguese)


Thats called a bootloop (i like the word ). Its usually caused by an error when updating the firmware. I fixed it by flashing the firmware on it again with odin. However your data is lost.


​I have a Nexus 7 which has not been charging over 20%. Today I put it in the oven at 50C for 30 mins then took it out and knocked it sharply on the bench a few times. After 3 hours on charged now have 100% charge


Your system might have become corrupted or hampered by some misuse/mishap. The method below will install Latest factory Firmware for your Samsung device, i.e., Unbrick the phone. Steps to Install latest firmware Note: Write your Phone model number like "GT-I9812" and IMEI number on paper beforehand. Put your device in downloading mode. Don't ...


Android boot is slow? My phone has a Quad Core, 3 Gig of RAM ... Android (Both KitKat and Lollipop) takes some 80 seconds to boot to completion. My phone is only dual core with 1G RAM (Zenfone 4) and I never have that problem. Cold boot in ~60 seconds, reboot in 40-ish (CyannogenMod 12.1). some users report less than 10 seconds booting time using ...


Few years back, I worked on Android boot time optimization, as a Android developer. Obviously, as part of this work, we first needed to analyse where Android spends time during booting. Below is the brief findings: Hardware used : OMAP3430 Board which is like development board on which Stock Android is flashed. On actual commercial/production device, ...


Some of the latest Samsung devices do not boot into recovery on a phone reboot. The device needs to be shut down before. You need to hold Volume Up + Menu Buttons for a few seconds. The power button only triggers the phone startup, do not hold it.


I have solved my own problem, I downloaded the s3 mini stock rom from and extracted recovey.img from it and tried to convert it to .tar format using some batch that I found on the internet then flashed it using Odin, but the problem persisted, so i decided to flash the whole rom accepting the fact that I will be losing all of my data and ...

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