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Seems Like your Lock/Power Off button might have been stuck. Get it checked or keep constantly pressing it during boot up. Might just help.


Did you properly change adbd permissions? Look for other files in the same directory with adbd for permissions value. Most probably it will be 644 but be sure. Note: adb is a service and need to be properly run at start so reboot after changing permissions


Just root your device and type su and but the dump_image binary to any of these /cache/create new folder,/data/create new folder,or /system/create new folder hope it helps.


Try rebooting in safe mode. After getting the power menu, hold down on power off and choose reboot in safe mode. You could also use adb commands found in this similar thread. If you don't feel comfortable with that, you may have to do a factory reset.


Download the firmware from this site: http://pan.baidu.com/s/1c06Hrck et-86v2g-a23-v1.5 2014.10.13 Then download PhoenixSuit and use the .img file to flash the tablet. Make sure you follow the instructions perfectly because entering into download mode can be hard.


first of all, take out you battery wait 10 seconds Press the power button for 45 second the install the battery. 2- if the first method didn't work try to enter download mode like this: turn off your phone, connect your phone to your computer then hold volume down and home button


You can fix it manly two ways. Performing a factory reset via stock recovery or flash stock firmware. Resetting is the easiest method. Press and hold power button, home and volume up keys until you see the Android robot logo. Stock recovery doesn't work touch screen you can use volume keys for navigation and power button /home key for selection. Once ...


Your SD card isn't prepared at the time that the bind command is executed, because the mounting process hasn't ended yet. To bind, you have to wait several seconds for the mounting of SD card & external SD to be finished. #!system/bin/sh sleep 10 n="$(dumpsys mount | grep -c 'external')" until [ $n -eq 1 ] do sleep 1 n="$(dumpsys ...


After wiping the cache from recovery and waiting a while, the phone booted up and I was able to uninstall Hearthstone.


I went to the store and it had to do something with the hardware. I am getting a new phone and all is settled. Al though the store said they've never seen or hear about it happen before.


Yes, you can turn it on using fastboot. Enter in fastboot mode, on the prompt type fastboot reboot.

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