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I had the same problem with stock Nexus 7 2012 GSM. First of all, the bootloader has to be unlocked. fastboot oem unlock Unlocking the bootloader deletes user data on the device (as a security precaution). If you haven't unlocked the bootloader before, you are now out of luck. Try to find if you have backups. (Contact data may be synced with your Google ...


You can try doing the soft or hard reset. Soft Reset is to delete the cache and temporary files that causes your website to get stuck in Lenovo logo. It can be done when phone is at On position, press and hold the Power button for several second, then LENOVO A390 will show the pop-up menu to give option for Reboot the phone. Choose restart/reboot than the ...


Finally I got the reason. Because i called a API function which needs WAN, so it retrys all the time during android starting up.


Go into recovery (generally power + vol down or power + home + vol. down) and flash another stable ROM. How do I know this? I have bricked many phones a thousand times ;-p


This picture is showing the custom recovery that is installed on your device. Looks like someone installed it and used custom ROM on this phone before. By default, the phone should boot straight into the system, but in this case it seems that something's different. One way of fixing your phone is by reinstalling the software you got on your phone (since it ...


Related to your question, if you are not solved your isuue yet, I must say Yes. It is very easy to do following very few steeps. First, you need to have your device rooted. If you have not rooted your phone yet, try to root it using Framaroot, a one clic root app that roots your phone by itself, directly, without PC. For rooting MTK devices try to apply the ...


A simpler solution I had the same issue, but I don't have an SD card in my Moto X. That means, if I backup then factory reset, my backup will be gone too. I found another solution. You can just reflash the Google Keyboard to your device using TWRP. The zip I used is here: https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=95855108297851240 If you don't have TWRP ...

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