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No... It is a safeguard in newer Android versions. Even if you have the correct unlock token, you must have the option turned on in Developer Options before attempting to unlock the bootloader or it will not be allowed. This is a nearly foolproof system, there is no know software based way around it.


If you installed/flashed from your SD card, try to use a new one with your stock ROM in zip form(including stock recovery). Or try a riskier method and try to use Odin3 but you need to prep all files before the screen turns on again, but make sure you have the right files(NOTE: you will have between 15-25 seconds to do this).


As Firelord asked me to sum things up, here we go: First, you cannot do a backup using fastboot. Fastboot is like a one-way road: you can only use it to write partitions (either by flashing a corresponding image, or by wiping it) – but you cannot "pull" a partition. Which leaves ADB. Yes, it's possible via ADB – but it will require root. As Firelord ...

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