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To unlock the boot loader you need to have the ADT with all the packages installed and configured. Later once the configuration is done properly then you can connect your device and enable USB Debugging under the options. Download Modaco’s Superboot files and save them to your computer. Once downloaded, extract it by right clicking and extract all. On ...


Linux is absolutely the best way to do this sort of things. This is a thread on xda about how to set the development environment on Linux Ubuntu in particular http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2302780 Follow these steps and you'll have fastboot command set up to do the unlocking process. Plus you won't need any driver to let the system ...


You cannot unlock your bootloader without also wiping your data. Backup your data, either manually or using an app. You also need a computer to perform the unlock process because it is performed while your device is in fastboot mode; before the Android OS is even started.

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