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ADB devices was detecting the phone, but fastboot devices wasn't. I had to do the following to get it to work on Win 7 64bit: Reboot Win7 and Press F8 on boot screen and select: Disable Driver Signing Boot phone into bootloader Device Manager you should see an Unknown Device popup Manually install the driver by selecting: android > android adb ...


No. Unlocking your bootloader will not delete your os. It will delete your userdata which is not related to the /system partition. But always keep in mind that, especially with Sony devices, there are solutions without having you to unlock the bootloader. Cheers


Yes, with root it is typically possible to edit/remove/replace the image that is restored by the bootloader and thus prevent the ROM/recovery restoration. Whether that is done with a custom ROM or not isn't actually relevant. I've done something similar (editing the script that verifies/installs the recovery) on my Dell Streak with stock firmware; check ...

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