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Your google research is correct. There is an order. root → unlock bootloader → install custom recovery (twrp or cwm) → backup current rom → install custom rom (cyanogenmod or aosp etc). Without being rooted and having bootloader unlocked, you won't be able to install recovery and custom room. That's why it needs to be done first. Cyanogenmod is pre-rooted. ...


Factory-resetting twice is pointless. The first factory reset will already wipe all user data: the second won't delete anything that wasn't already deleted by the first. Encrypting the device is also a waste of time, because you've already factory-reset the device. It might make some sense if you were the seller of the phone, and you wanted to overwrite the ...


When unlocking your bootloader it wipes the tablet, so any data you have on it will be erased. So do a backup before doing anything. Unlocking the boot loader will not wipeout the OS, that is only done if you install another ROM. Rooting the Nexus 7 is probably the easiest device to do it on. Here are some links that I have used in the past to accomplish ...


I had the same problem with infocus m512, recognized by adb but not by fastboot when in download mode. i've found that specifying vendor id with -i works (0xID) fastboot -i 0x0489 worked for me.


The signature mismatch indicates that the package you've installed (the mediatek-res.apk) isn't from the same source as the rest of the OS. It's from a different ROM, probably one made for a different device, by a different OEM. You need to find the APK file that matches the rest of your ROM, from the same device as yours.


Not per se. You can flash any recovery you like without unlocking the bootloader, but you need to unlock it to boot the recovery. If you flashed CWM and you can boot it, it shows that the bootloader is unlocked.

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