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Some Disambiguation: ICS is abbreviation of "Ice Cream Sandwich," or Android 4.0.x release. Bootloader is code that runs before the operating system even starts. See more details here: In literal terms, bootloader is code that is executed before any Operating System starts to run. The concept of bootloaders is universal to virtually all Operating ...


According to Tested ( http://www.tested.com/tech/android/460074-how-use-xposed-framework-android-extreme-customization/), reverting changes made by Xposed, making the OTA update and enabling Xposed tweaks again should be enough.


Done. Problem was with the charger, was using Samsung charger. But I still have no clue why it got off by holding volume up key and I am sure that charging was above 20%, it should have resurrected to life when I pressed power button. And while I am at it, this phone awesome except its antenna. Voice breaks(Rx and Tx both) with the jerks on road.

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