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Take out your battery for 15 seconds and then try booting it into recovery (power + vol down or power + home + vol down) Hope this helps


it wont let you flash even the correct stock boot loader, i'd give it a try now on my G900A with your Tmobile because i was using the phone on Tmobile anyway so i dont care and the phone is bricked at the moment anyway from trying to install another rom :(


Ok, I searched for it a lot, tried everything and here is the final solution: The propper rooting tool for ASUS tablets that use a x86 processor is "RootZenFone", the old fashioned way "fastboot oem unlock" and replacing the the recovery with something else DOES NOT WORK (As the time being). If you have bricked your tablet (as I did!) you can perform a ...


What can I do to determine the cause? The user just accidentally accessed the Factory Mode on Lenovo tablet. It can be accessed by: Turn off the device Hold "Volume Down", then connect the USB (Image courtesy of XDA) As a proof, there is a text containing "GPS" like you mentioned. For the translation of each menu, you can refer to the post on ...

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