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Install the Google Driver while in phone is booted to bootloader. Those are in your SDK folder location - extras - google - usb_driver. When my N6 is booted to bootloader, Windows 10 shows me the following: Win10 Device Manager screenshot


No... It is a safeguard in newer Android versions. Even if you have the correct unlock token, you must have the option turned on in Developer Options before attempting to unlock the bootloader or it will not be allowed. This is a nearly foolproof system, there is no know software based way around it.


To install a custom rom you must have unlocked your bootloader. However for Sony phones, the process is a little more work. Sony has a website that provides IMEI code that you can use to unlock. This is how you unlock the bootloader: Simply go to the stock Sony dialer and type ##7378423## to access the service menu. Tap Service info > Configuration > ...


Since the phone can still boot into Odin mode the best thing to do here is to flash a stock firmware and start all over again. You could have flashed a wrong recovery hence the boot failure; it happens. Just get and flash a full stock firmware in Odin. Make sure the firmware is for your device model and network/region. Samsung phones have a tendency to ...


I'm not entirely sure if it matters in fast boot but to use Aden services normally you need to enable USB debugging in developer options, start the server, then in another terminal type adb usb. This listens to USB ports and checks for any open connections. Also, some phones don't like it but my nexus requires unmounting before I use adb. Hope this helps.


I have almost the identical problem on a Rook phone from EE, which I understand is a carrier-rebranded ZTE Blade III A410. I found this post by jbdubbs which might offer a fix, but I haven't tried it yet. Quote: When booting to fastboot with any sort of USB plugged in, your buttons on the side may not respond. In this case, pull the cable and hold down ...

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