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Try booting into fastboot and run fastboot format cache and then fastboot erase cache.


I've solved my problem for myself by re-locking the bootloader and then repair the device using Sony PC Companion. Device is again in mint condition ;) I'll add a supporting link later.


You have to follow this three steps to recover your device. Hope it helps. First you will need to unlock the device. To do so follow the instructions given at motorola bootloader unclock Now you need to install a custom recovery. Download the recovery image from here. You will need the platform-tools from the Android SDK on your computer. Rename the image ...


Sorry for a second answer but I think Izzys answer is not getting the point perfectly. First of all your Question: How do i get the device to show up in 'fastboot devices' once I enter recovery mode? This won't happen at all. Recovery and fastboot are different things. Fastboot is mostly part of the bootloader of your device which is probably a ...


I'm afraid the stock recovery (as pointed out in the comments) doesn't come with ADB enabled, which is why your device is neither shown with adb devices nor with lsusb when you've booted it into <3e>. The only way around this (if you really need to access the tablet via ADB while booted into recovery-mode) is flashing it with a custom recovery, such as ...


The instructions don't make mention of the setting in the device's developer options. Make sure to enable the "OEM unlocking" setting there:

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