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I have a Galaxy S4 and use ConnectBot to connect to my SSH server and setup a port forward via the client to port 8080. Then setup Firefox to use the SOCKS proxy by just going to About:Config and entering the following: network.proxy.socks: network.proxy.socks_port: 8080 (or whatever port you chose to forward in ConnectBot) ...


The cookies form the default android browser are stored in /data/data/com.android.browser/databases/webview.db. The problem is that other applications, for security reasons, do not have access to this file. Since the Browser application hasn't implement this functionality, it is not possible.


After some poking around it would appear that in this case the browser is not identifying itself as running on an Android device. I put the useragentstring you supplied into useragentstring.com and in the operating system details field it tells me; Operating System: Linux running on a Intel CPU running on a 64 bit processor If I enter the useragentstring ...


You can't do this with the old "Android browser", but you can in Chrome, which is downloadable from Google Play and comes installed on all recent Android devices. The feature you're looking for is called Chrome Remote Debugging, and it relies on having Chrome on your desktop and ADB enabled and connected.

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