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It is possible to disable the feature in Chrome browser version 41 and above. The easiest way to disable this is to visit the chrome://flags in your Chrome address bar and to disable the pull to refresh effect, chrome://flags (disable-pull-to-refresh-effect) Preventing the pull-to-refresh effect:(Based on this Chromium docs) The default action of the ...


Settings → (under Advanced) Site settings → All sites Select the site you want and under Usage you can clear any stored data, includes cookies. You can also Clear & Reset. I do not think there is a way to clear only cookies but this will allow you to clear data for individual sites.


From what I have seen, Firefox, Dolphin and UC Browser allows switching the tabs without reloading/re-rendering them. Whereas Chrome and Opera seem to reload them after 3 or 4 active tabs. I think it has something to do with caching in RAM memory vs Disk memory, I could be wrong.


Yes, some web pages do not let you zoom in. However, this can be overridden in Chrome. Go to Settings -> Accessibility and tick mark Force enable zoom. This overrides a web page's request to prevent zooming in. So then you can zoom into pages without trouble. Hope this helps.

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