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Yes chromium for android is here (and other version) :


Press the favicon for the site and a pop-up will allow you to change a few settings for that specific site including removing data like cookies, just did it, Android 6.01, works.


Check this answer. You will have to convert your javascript to bookmarklet format and then put it in a text file with .js extension to test it.


My browser app provides an Erase button with a one-shot “clear browser history” functionality. It is particularly useful for web designers when they need to test updated stylesheets, javascript and image files in a mobile browser. There is also a big Refresh button. The toolbar can be hidden by shaking the device. Unfortunately, the Erase button ...


In modern versions of Android there is an option to clear Chrome's DNS cache under chrome://net-internals/#dns


Depending on where you wish to delete it from: Homescreen: Tap and hold the icon, then move it to the trash can (which usually appears on the upper border of your screen). This just removes the icon from your homescreen, and you could re-add it any time by long-pressing it in the app-drawer and let it go on the homescreen). Very safe to do. From the app ...


In Firefox mobile and derivatives (IceCat, Nightly, anything else based on "Fennec"), you can make it ignore the 'user-scalable' tag by toggling the preference browser.ui.zoom.force-user-scalable in about:config to true.


Try GMD Full Screen Immersive app. It allows any app to go full screen immersive mode. Note: Works only on Android 4.4 and above.

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