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Going by the OP's comment, I'll just leave my comment as an answer. Dragging the app icon to the "trash bin" will uninstall the app if it is not a system app. From the OP's comment, it appears that this is indeed a system app, and so to remove the icon on stock (AOSP or most custom, e.g. Not MIUI or ZenUI) launchers, it would need to be held down and ...


If you have Keep, nothing beats it. Pretty instant. The above fly-by-night apps (except for some, like Pocket and browser addons) are un-dependable


You cannot uninstall the browser bundled with the phone (unless you're rooted); you can though disable it, without affecting any other browser you installed. How depends on the phone model and the os version you're running. On mine I would go into Settings -> Apps -> (app name) -> Disable.


It sounds like your customer care centre is telling you a story to get you off the phone. Some mobile phone providers have been caught out in the past passing your phone number in the HTTP request headers when you use their 3G connection from the phone. As you say, it's a huge security problem if they do that, and there's not a lot you can do about it ...


Some sites redirect a mobile device to a specific mobile site. These are usually prefixed with the m. or mobile. subdomain (e.g. If you get a desktop version of one of those sites, you'll still get the mobile version because that's all they can give you. So make sure you switch the flag before going to the site and see if that works.


The exact capabilities of each of the individual web technologies is not what matters. This term works whether your markup is HTML 4.01, HTML5 or HTML37. It doesn’t matter, and the term won’t be obsoleted by the next version of any spec. It covers the case where the runtime is a regular browser, a webview, an OS such as Firefox OS or Chrome OS, or ...


Native Apps : - Apps that are fully programmed in the development environment specific to each operating system. - Stored on a device and require installation. - Tend to have better graphics and a smooth user experience due to the interface with the device. - Have full access to the device-specific features, including GPS, camera, gestures, and ...


Removing the browser entry from the recent apps menu will kill the browser in the sense you mean, but it won't stop any ongoing downloads. For that, hold down the download notification until it shows a small menu with "App info" on it, tap that entry, and press "Force Stop" on the screen that comes up. If the app responsible for the download is the native ...

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