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Assuming you are not doing Android development, you do not need to worry about Android version. Any serious security-minded application like Chrome on Android will use TLS 1.2. You can verify this for yourself by going to a secure website (make sure it supports TLS 1.2!) and inspecting the certificate and protocol used on the client. I have checked this on ...


Have you set your APN settings correctly? Go to your carrier's website and do some googling to find the correct APN settings for your network. Once you have found them, you should be able to enter them by going to Settings>Mobile Networks>Access Point Names (APN) and creating one with the correct APN settings.


Chrome for Android definitely does ( The safe browsing feature isn't yet supported by Android WebView so any WebView-based browser (e.g. CM browser, Ghostery, or Lighting Browser) lacks it. Firefox on Android should support safe browsing as well, as per their blog posts: ...


With Subhash Browser & Feed Reader app, you can put your JavaScript code in text files and have them executed from the browser menu. If you have Android Studio or Eclipse ADT, you can check the output of the Javascript commands in Log Cat. If not, you can use a try-catch block and use JS alert box to display any errors. ...


If you don't want to download any app or software, you can use QiikChat. You will need just to go to the homepage and paste your link. You can see the link again by visiting QiikChat with your other device or mobile.

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