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This app would be "Media Button Router" https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.harleensahni.android.mbr


It depends on device. Device has menu button If device does have menu button then Menu items appear on App ActionBar and/or with overflow button


Instructions: Requires root! a) Under Cyanogenmod Root activation itself requires the developer menu: Settings > About > Tap "Build number" multiple times until a toast message tells you that the developer menu got activated. b) Settings > Developer > Root access > Set to: Apps & ADB. Remark: Apps alone should suffice too, but maybe you want to edit ...


As you wrote you've modified a system file, it's safe to assume your device is rooted. There are several apps available promising to remap keys (see my list of key remapper apps), one of them might solve your issue. I have not tried any of them (had no need), but what sounds promising is Xposed Additions, see this screenshots: Xposed Additions (source: ...

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