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If you use the built-in email app you can get you calendar on your phone, when you are setting it up just untick sync email, contacts and you calendar will appear invite default calendar app on your device, you can purchase calendar apps that will only sync your calendarbbut the are about €9/$9/£9 so your best option is use the default app


Use Google Calendar on your PC and your phone. This will also gives you access to your calendar from any device with internet connection simply by logging into your Google account.


You will have to download this app and install it as a system app, using Link2SD or any similar app. This is just another apk file from another Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2 phone. Note : Please backup all your data before trying to do so. This way of installing apps is actually not recommended, but works out most of the times.


On HTC, go to Settings - App, search for "Calendar Storage", open it, then "Clear data". Done.


Swipe down from the alarm notification itself to expand it (not from the top of the screen to get to quick settings). It will expand other notifications, too, to see the body of an email, or the contents of a chat message. For pending alarms, it will show the dismiss button. I was seeing far more sporadic behavior as to when it showed up and when it didn't. ...

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