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I have a Moto X 2014 edition with stock Android Lollipop 5.0. On Verizon. I do not get another mini menu for call details or call back as options. It just shows the recent list with the time of the call, not the duration. This is different than with the Moto X original and KitKat which I just moved from last week. Not sure if I need some settings done ...


For Android 5.0.x Lollipop: Either on "Recents" or "Call History", tap the entry you want to see. It will open a mini-menu under the entry with options "Call back" and "Details". Select "Details" to see the call details. From here, you can see the time when you receive/miss a call, and also the duration of the call. Click the image for larger variant


Under the Call History, just click on the picture for that number (a silhouette of a person if you don't have a picture assigned). It'll bring up all the call history for that number including date and times. This is for stock Android Lollipop. I know previous versions of stock Android were similar. It may be different if you have a heavily modified version ...


Depending on the carrier of the receiver and its configuration, it is possible that your call will knock on ie. the receiver gets a sound that notifies him about an incoming call. If he wants he can create a group call (I never heard about someone using that feature). If that knock on feature is disabled you should go straight to the receivers mailbox and ...

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