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Audio volume during phone calls appears to be a common complaint made by many Sony users. I recommend turning off all the extras/enhancements to make a final determination regarding call volume. A different device may be better for you. Below are the various options described: Speaker Voice Enhancement provides "richer" voice listening during phone calls ...


I recommend you go to play store, search "permission app ops 4.4".I'm using Apps Ops Starter. It lets you go into each app and shut off the permission that you don't want them to have.


There are two microphones on your phone: one for speaker and one for non speaker. You have to clean the mic port on the bottom of your phone with a small pin.


As strange as it may be, I did find a solution to this problem. I noticed that if I switch data / 3G, the call would immediately go through. I've tried this a lot of times where I couldn't call, switch off 3G and it immediately works. Also, I've recently switched to CyanogenMod from the native Samsung Android installation, and I don't recall this ...


This certainly sounds like a bug in the ROM. In the first instance you should report it to the system integrator (the person who ported the ROM for that device). Debugging and developing device drivers is not for the faint-hearted, and it's well beyond the scope of this site!


someone may have blocked your calls :(

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