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Uninstall MX player....your problem is solve.


The very nice and free Windows program MyPhoneExplorer and its companion Android app MyPhoneExplorer Client (also free) enables you to: get notified of incoming texts (using a Windows tray tip, optionally with sound) read incoming texts and reply to them write and send new texts read and reply to all previously received and send texts on the phone using ...


Found the answer by myself at last, when you call that person there will be a change sim option in the top right hand screen, by choosing that we can change the sim preference and also the next time we call that person phone will ask for which sim to call.


Backup data Flash Original file or another ROM , this will definitely solve your problem. Enjoy.


This is a partial answer based on the output of logs provided. Okay, after looking at the logcat, my guess would be a buffer overrun error originating/stemming from mm-camera and connected services/processes and ion memory allocation. Snippets, 08-11 17:51:19.504 E/libaprpmem( 1539): Ion allocation success virtaddr : ret=2996989952 fd=48 heapid=33554432 ...


You can do an adb backup or use Titanium Backup to back up your Whatsapp data. Then you should do a factory reset, if that does not help, you should reflash the original firmware.

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