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On my Samsung I9300 Galaxy S III with a Android 4.1.2, I use Camera Zoom FX (non-free): it can take pictures without stopping recordings done by Android's native voice recorder (unlike the native camera application).


You need to be rooted to do this! Download and open any root browser. (I am Using Root Explorer for these instructions, ES File Manager works also) Go to System Go from Read Only to Read/Write Find Biuld Prop Open with text editor Find ro.camera.sound.forced Change the 1 to 0 Save Changes Reboot SOURCE: ...


Go to Settings ยป Developer options, and deselect "Use NuPlayer". Reboot the phone, and your camera should work again.


I had the same problem on my note 2. I put my phone in safe mode and here's the steps for that: Power off the phone then power it back on holding down the volume down button and the power button once you see the samsung screen come on let go off the power button but continue to hold the volume down button. When the phone boots back up then it should say ...

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