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I dont think you can switch cameras, however you still can do it from your PC on a web version, you can scan QR codes through that. It worked for me


You can root your phone and then you can use Picture 2 SD app in that way your requirement can be fulfilled. Check this XDA Developer Source : http://forum.xda-developers.com/xposed/modules/mod-pictures2sd-v1-0-6-makes-camera-t2408880


In cynogenmod's camera app there are no further settings it must have .I think you should try this app- google camera .


This is a common problem with this unit. I contacted the manufacture about it (http://www.orientdeal.com/orientphone-one-max-5-inch-1080p-screen-quad-core-1.5ghz-2gb-ram-32gb-rom-android-phone.html) and was told that due to the heat that builds up around the camera the modules fail. They recommend replacing the entire camera module. My unit they told me was ...


There are 3rd-party "fake camera" apps that will let you to choose an image instead, such as: Image2Camera (free) Fake Camera by New Horizon Apps (free) Fake Camera - donate version by Vaclav Balak (paid) Note that you need to have the image inside the (emulator) device storage first for these apps to be useful. Also, since these apps are not really a ...


first of all, make sure you have a high speed internet connection. If so then do - hold still your phone in landscape mode and try to scan for atleast 10 sec.. (worked for my galaxy-y duos)


Yes they do. Software configurations play a huge role in how the camera will function and display. Anything to work properly has to be optimized for your system's requirements to display well.


The new API for full control of the camera on android had been added to android version 5. Google added these features like iso ,manual focus and etc in android lollipop. I personally think to use this new API the camera hardware must support this features, However I didn't find any reference to claim this, but it makes sense to me that a hardware must be ...


The fact that some cameras are interlaced has a huge effect on quality.It is down to the marketing and saying that a camera has 21mp for example when it doesn't.


Because resolution is probably the least important from all the characteristics of a camera (and it can even go against quality, a larger resolution without an accordingly better sensor might just as well give a worse overall quality). In the usual circumstances of phones, probably the most important factor is the sensor size and quality, and neither will ...


You also need to take into account the pixel size of the sensor, as well as the sensor size, all of which can positive affect image quality of the photo. The processing of the photo is vital as well.


The only thing you mention is the resolution. Stating that the cameras have the same specs only because they have the same resolution, is a fallacy at best. It's like saying that two cars should perform the same because they both have 4 wheels. When using apps like Snapchat or just Camera, I noticed that the A7000's picture quality is lesser (blurry) ...


It appears as if this is an issue where the camera got activated in a dark place, such as your pocket. Undue pressure (false touches) can cause this, or even if the camera app took 2 pictures in burst mode (it isn't supposed to happen, but it does anyway). There can also be other issues which may rarely be for to a hardware problem, but since this is not a ...


I've come close but I still can't launch an action at the same time when two keys are pressed in combination like the way we do for taking a screenshot. Anyhow, you would need: AutoInput (for Android 4.3 and above) with Tasker, both are/have paid/7-day full trial, or Xposed Additions (needs root access) with Tasker to make key combination(s). The ...

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