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Your firmware is bugged try to do a factory reset. If this doesn't work then visit your service center it may need a re-flash.


Go to Settings ยป Developer options, and deselect "Use NuPlayer". Reboot the phone, and your camera should work again.


I had the same problem on my note 2. I put my phone in safe mode and here's the steps for that: Power off the phone then power it back on holding down the volume down button and the power button once you see the samsung screen come on let go off the power button but continue to hold the volume down button. When the phone boots back up then it should say ...


No, the camera sensor resolution isn't the only factor that determines whether a phone can shoot high-res video, regardless of the APIs offered by the OS. Phones have special video encode hardware to make a video file from the raw camera data, and the hardware can only encode so many pixels per second. To record 2k or 4k video, the video encode hardware has ...

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