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The Camera ZOOM FX Premium support setting actions for hardware buttons and gestures, e.g. volume to control zoom, or to shoot photo. Note that free version doesn't support hardware buttons mapping. I guess that both power button and home button are available only to system/root apps (like built-in Phone Call app).


I've been trying to upload all my photos to Google Photos from my phone (Droid Ultra, on Android 4.4.4), and the ones with nopm at the end refuse to upload. They don't give a warning or anything, they just don't upload. And I do believe it was pictures I took directly with Hangouts. Actually... I ended up emailing the photos to myself so I could upload ...


I do it frequently on a Q700 XOLO. Simply swipe downwards on the lock screen. And then you get to the default camera screen. You can even add another app there if you want to use them without unlocking your phone.

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