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It is not a software issue, it is a hardware issue. Most of the times, they are referred as pink spots or purple tint/haze It happens because apparently the component called ZOE puts a lot of strain on the camera module, which causes it to heat, and it could even lead to burning down your motherboard (in extreme cases). Reference: ...


HI screen lock works sort of. It can be defeated by resetting the point. This is need because there is no way to clear the register if you type in a wrong pin digit (ie no back/clear button). To get around this, I have set a Android pin with a 1/2 hour time out. this pin is functional at boot up. The downside is that occasionally I have type enter the ...


In my case was just an app. "Lantern" - flashlight using LED. After uninstalling that app the camera was OK again.

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