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Generally speaking, rooting is completely unrelated to unlocking. CDMA unlocking is also more difficult than SIM unlocking a GSM phone, and CDMA phones need to be activated on the network, unlike sticking a SIM in an unlocked GSM phone and doing whatever you want. You'll need help from both carriers (Verizon to unlock, your carrier to activate) in order to ...


Not going to happen. Sorry. While MSM8655 supports GSM - Play Verizon's version of radio software makes no use of it. You can not reflash the radio software because the bootloader is locked. And even if you could - the GSM bands are not "phased" in your phone. "Phasing" is a process of calibrating the phone during manufacturing - without it you would get no ...


The device may have to be unlocked first. Rooting will not Unlock the device. You will also need information from the network you want to run the device on. Like if the device is supported on their network, if they are able to active the device (they will be able to tell you if they support it if you give them the ESN/MEID) and what their mobile carrier code ...


APNDroid doesn't work on CDMA phones. This appears to be the case with most such apps. Internet Scheduler and GreenPower claim to work on them if you have Gingerbread, though. There are some other solutions you can try in this Google Groups thread.

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