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In Android Lollipop 5.0 Settings → Security → Trusted credentials → User tab → Select your certificate → Scroll down, Click on Remove button → Done.


Yes, it is normal to have these security certificates. To trust a security certificate you encounter on the Internet, your device needs a way to verify a certificate is good. You can't just accept any certificate that is presented because any adversary able to become a man-in-the-middle (like a public WiFi access point) would be able to spoof any website. ...


Solution: Correct your date, or Set the clock to update automatically Reason: This security warning pops-up when the verification of certificate needs to be done but the requesting system is set to wrong date(usually to the past). The security certificate is seen as From Future. This is all related to certificate validation by the browser. Related Stack ...


Step 1: Make the certs compatible (if they are not already) At the very beginning we need to figure the file name of our the cert file. The name of the cert file is a hash one can obtain from the certificate itself. For this, one needs the openssl tools. On Unix/Linux the steps are then as follows: # Obtain the hash – in my case that returned d6a2705a – so ...


It should be possible to check via the service menu of the phone. Go to calls, enter *#*#7378423#*#* and go to service info-configuration (somewhere at the bottom). The lines should end with [Key OK][Active].


lock screen and security. other security settings. view security certificates. users. Then remove it. S7 Edge 2016-07-14

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