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Step 1: Make the certs compatible (if they are not already) At the very beginning we need to figure the file name of our the cert file. The name of the cert file is a hash one can obtain from the certificate itself. For this, one needs the openssl tools. On Unix/Linux the steps are then as follows: # Obtain the hash – in my case that returned d6a2705a – so ...


You can install root certificate given by site on android. Go to the Setting in your Android Phone , tap on install credentials from SD card . Make sure to download certificate in your SD card


Yes, it is normal to have these security certificates. To trust a security certificate you encounter on the Internet, your device needs a way to verify a certificate is good. You can't just accept any certificate that is presented because any adversary able to become a man-in-the-middle (like a public WiFi access point) would be able to spoof any website. ...

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