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Never let it run down below 10% if you can help it. Running down to "absolute zero" harms your battery (and might even render it inoperable – which is why most devices shut-down before reaching that point). Modern LiIo batteries don't suffer from "memory effect", so ideally you'd plug-in a charger whenever possible: "trickle-charging" doesn't hurt them, low ...


I went to the store and it had to do something with the hardware. I am getting a new phone and all is settled. Al though the store said they've never seen or hear about it happen before.


What are the output specs of the charger? With a different amperage, there's no risk unless the amperage is very high. A different voltage might cause problems. Modern devices need 5V and anywhere between 500mA to 2A. Don't try something like 9V. Also, using high amperage to charge is not good for long term health of the battery.


USB chargers supply 5v and are capable of 500ma. That much is standard. These days we have chargers with higher current capabilities - that is, they are able to supply more current if the device tries to draw more. An Apple compatible USB charger connects to the USB data lines as well, in a way that tells an Apple device what the charger's current capability ...

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