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The two most likely causes: The battery could be dead. Lithium-ion batteries (as well as other types of rechargeable batteries) wear down over time. Even sitting on a shelf they eventually decay, but they decay faster the more you use them, and the more they're exposed to extreme heat, cold, and humidity. The socket on the phone has a loose connection. ...


No, it will not damage your phone. As long as it's a micro USB charger, it will be fine. 5.5V is fine, I've had success with 6 Volts from a homemade charger, and you won't meet voltages higher than 5.5V on a micro USB charger anyway. Extra Volts are dangerous, so it's good to be cautious but 5.5V will not do any harm. The current rating (Amperes, A) does ...


I've got an s3 mini too. The issue in my case was that the USB port had a slack joint. I sent it to my warranty service and they changed the jack. Now I can charge again. And also attach your charger because you'll get a new one

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