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Why don't you want to keep the phone plugged in overnight? Per Is it better to detach a charger when my Android device gets fully charged?, it sounds like sitting at 100% on the charger for ~6 hours is not considered harmful to the lithium-ion battery in your device. That said, you can purchase a light timer for under $20, set it to only turn on for an hour ...


I can't speak to your specific device, particularly as you haven't named it, but assuming it supports the functionality, you would use an adapter such as this one which provides both a micro-USB input to continue charging the phone/tablet, and a USB-A port for the OTG functions. You'll find a variety of alternatives linked to via Amazon as well, with ...


It is depending on your device. Some Samsung Tablets can be charged while using OTG with special adapters. The cable you post in your question don't work. Some devices have a special mode for USB Host and changing at the same time. Most devices can only charge OR host.


From a root terminal on your device: dumpsys batterystats | grep "Start clock time" That will give the date/time of when the device was last disconnected from the charger (while fully charged), rather than the time since, but comparing to the current date and time is easy enough. I did come up with a more complicated command you could save to a script to ...

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