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I had the same issue with my Nexus 6P. Tried everything but nothing worked. Visited service centre and got it fixed. They told some hardware issues with the fast charging chip. I read somewhere that flashing the firmware again using Fastboot on the phone solves this issue for some users.I didn't worked for me. Might you wanna try. Good Luck!!


Your device comes with USB Type C which is equipped to handle higher power for charging and hence that is recommended over using the USB C to A conversion USB 3.1 – Type-C Connector ....Rather than using four-pins as in the classic type-A and type-B, the type-C connector has 24 pins and is reversible, meaning it can be plugged in either way. It supports ...


From the data on internet, there appears to be no difference. One thing that could be different is the thickness , measured in AWG. Lower the AWG figure, lesser resistance is offered and hence better suited for quicker charging. In the absence of figures one has to assume they are both of same AWG, which leaves length as the only differentiator. Since ...


I could not get my fully depleted battery to charge over 450 at first, but once it had some charge, it was up to 1200 by end of the cycle (average) with a peak of 1800. I then hit reset and it dropped to 540 (battery at 100%). I can only assume the battery itself then, dependimg on its level of charge, will draw at a variable rate.

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